Health and Healing is as natural as breathing air.  Here we offer many
different techniques of Massage Therapy, as well as some new products
and services to help you gain optimal well being!

At the office we use only Organic Lotion, Organic Oils and
Medicinal/Therapeutic Grade Quality Essential Oils.  All products are
available for purchase at the office for home use or as gifts.  The
massage tables have 2” Memory Foam toppers for added comfort.

Massage Styles include the following:
Swedish *Deep Tissue *Sports *Maternity *Injury Healing *Stress
*Foot/Hand Reflexes *Acupressure *Relaxation

Massage Has Many Benefits Such As:
Promotes Relaxation* Decrease Healing Time of Injuries* Increase
Circulation* Decrease Pain Levels* Improved Immune System Balance*
Decrease Stress (which
Increases Your Enjoyment of Life) * Energy
Level Increase* Higher Level of Body Awareness* Increased Flexibility*
As Well As Many Other Benefits As There Are Too Many To List Entirely!

*Because the body is forever changing, each session will be different.  
Remember that
communication is key.  Talk with your therapist if there
are questions or concerns.  
Massage: Questions & Answers
  • What do I wear?:  A massage can be given either with the client fully
    clothed, or partially/completely unclothed.  
  • What to expect:  You will talk w/the therapist about how your body is
    feeling and desired goal of the massage.  Then get undressed to
    your comfort level (as discussed above).  You then will get under a
    sheet and blanket and lay on the massage table awaiting the
Therapeutic music and environment helps you escape away to
relaxing comfort!  
  • What if I have an injury or specific problem?:  Talk with the therapist
    about your concern(s).  If you are currently being treated for a
    medical condition and unsure if massage is right for you, please
    check with your doctor prior to your session.
  Remember-we can not treat or diagnosis.

Acupuncture Services:
Please visit the website of Dave Ostrowski (Acupuncturist) for Details:
Call Dave at 518.322.9974 or email:

Esthetician Services:
Please see the added page for a list of all skin care services
provided at the office.   

Nail Services:
We use ONLY non-toxic products!  All polishes, base coats, top coats & even the
nail polish remover are all non-toxic.  The disinfectant even is safe enough to be
used on a child's toy & not be rinsed off!  We pride ourselves at the great length of
research into the products chosen & are extremely confident you will find them to
be of the highest quality & give you the lasting performance you desire in the
services!  We find that the polishes have lasted just as long as their toxic
counterpart & feel you will enjoy the end result as well as know that your services
are not causing any negative health consequence!

Furthermore...Your Surroundings & One on One Seclusion!  
The room is fantastic.  You will enjoy a room that is very lighted with window's all around.  
The pedicure chair is amazing! Fully equipped with an seat air-cushion & back massage.
The scrubs & salt soaks are all organic.  
They are all targeted towards giving your skin supreme results.  

Feedback is requested since the products are new to us as well as offering the service at
the office.  It will be important for us to know how well the products feel & last, the relations
with the practitioner, the experience of the room.....Everything!  Giving us your feedback will
only improve the quality of service we can provide!  
Experience Further Benefits:  
During a 15-30 minute foot bath (relaxing already)-your body can be
detoxified with a magnificent way to attract and neutralize wastes from
the body that doing so does not put any burden on your internal organs.  

What is an Ion?:  An Ion is a charged atom that has gained or lost an
electron.  The unit produces millions of ions that will enter your body and
begin to bond with tissue acid wastes.  The bonded particles are pulled
out of the body through the pores of the skin by a process known as
osmosis.  It literally pulls out these toxins, heavy metals and chemicals!

What will the Ion Cleanse Do for You?  Detoxifies the body more
effectively and faster than any herbal or fasting protocols, with little or no
stress.  Web-Info:
Please Note: Some May Need To Check With Practitioner and Doctor
Prior To Scheduling A Ion Session.
About Us & Our Services
Massage Helps With:  
Relieve Stress, Tension, Anxiety
Reduce Aches, Pains, Headaches
Increase Circulation
Stimulate Lymphatic System to Flush Toxins
Raise Metabolism
Relieve Constipation
Relieve Water Retention/Swelling
Spinal Column and Vertebrae Stimulation/Align.